this is intended for css bullshit that i dont wanna talk about, it works and thats all you need to know


welcome to my garden!! here is where i will keep record of cool sites i find or know of that have their own pot or button to share! most pots are interactable, usually linking to their site, so click and visit if you can!! if you wanna link to my own pot, just grab the iframe text right next to it below!! feel free to edit it however you want, remove the border styles i have on it, add new stuff, whatever!

for more info on greenhouses or webgardens, click here!

if theres a button or pot of yours here that you dont want existing, dm me on twitter, ill definitely respond there! if you have a deep hateful passion for twitter then... damn... email me ig idfk. email button is on the homepage.

if you wanna link to me with a button, use this!! (recommended not to hotlink, but lets be real, i dont care)