5/11/24 - Honest to god don't know what happened but the site at the button in the bottom of the webgarden imploded in april. Again I don't know what happened, maybe a mass unfollow or something but the original site is gone. It's been replaced by an archived version in case you want to visit any of the underappreciated sites listed within. ||| 4/16/24 - Currently working hard on a page dedicated to my favorite childhood game of all time. Will go in the extras tab, eventually. Actually I have a couple of pages I want to make and just haven't finished yet. boo hoo, whatever. If you haven't yet, check out my Mark Alsip archive. It's cool.


hey. its a guy here, not your guy, just a guy. im definitely here, one of the people, im one of them. yeah one of them.

i draw things sometimes, you can check them out on my twitter page in the navigation bar above, if i ever post them publicly, which is probably not often lets be real here. you can also check them in the gallery tab. neither contain everything i've ever drawn, just what i would share.

aside from art i also develop game prototypes every absolute blue moon.

i also like tunes, check out a few of them by hovering over the vinyl, click on it to cycle through and use the floating box to adjust the volume.



coming back eventually



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5/11/24 - I just found out this site imploded on itself on April 16th, 2024, so the original site doesn't work anymore. Clicking the button will link to an archive of the site on its last day. I recommend you check it out and see some of the underappreciated sites on it. Sucks that its gone, it was a good idea for the unknown work of others to be seen in a more accessible manner.

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