ive decided to start my site over, i think it looks better now. i just wasnt proud with how the last looked like it was held together with elmers glue sticks and twigs. though i can say it was probably some of the most fun ive had for a period of time. you can check it in extras i guess.


hey. its a guy here, not your guy, just a guy. im definitely here, one of the people, im one of them. yeah one of them.

i draw things sometimes, you can check them out on my twitter page in the navigation bar above. if i ever post them publicly, which is probably not often lets be real here.

aside from art i also develop game prototypes every absolute blue moon.

i also like tunes, check out a few of them by hovering over the vinyl, click on it to cycle through and use the floating box to adjust the volume.


ill get to it, soon, ish


these family guy thumbnails are like the funniest thing ever.

they dont talk or anything. nobody says anything. or just does anything. they're just standing there. looking at each other.

i like to imagine they do this for hours because its funny.


hurr durr durrr hurrr durrr he he eh he durr durr

durr burger

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