webgarden created. new pot and button. awesome. ill put more pots when i find more. eventually. also webring. dont know if it will stay.


hey. its a guy here, not your guy, just a guy. im definitely here, one of the people, im one of them. yeah one of them.

i draw things sometimes, you can check them out on my twitter page in the navigation bar above, if i ever post them publicly, which is probably not often lets be real here. you can also check them in the gallery tab. neither contain everything i've ever drawn, just what i would share.

aside from art i also develop game prototypes every absolute blue moon.

i also like tunes, check out a few of them by hovering over the vinyl, click on it to cycle through and use the floating box to adjust the volume.






check out other sites I've found and like. for more info on webgardens, check here.

if you'd like to link an 88x31 button, use the button above. i recommend hotlinking in case i change it.
scroll down to see other's pots.
below is my pot link:


hurr durr durrr hurrr durrr he he eh he durr durr

durr burger

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