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awababa web site!!

quick note!!: this site is now horribly mobile compatible, (and i mean horribly) but im not willing to really put in the effort for mobile so the diet looking one is all you're getting. this site is intended for experience on computers.


its your silly scoober, your little goober, your silly scoundrel, your right hand man in the events that will occur on the 18th of march 2025 at approximately 35.480609, -85.5139182 at 9:24pm. just kidding! maybe..

welcome to my site of whatever the hell i want! at the moment it does NOT have a luxurious hotel and spa for your convenience, but it DOES have the worst of the worst!! to the left is your nav-mote, or up on mobile, dont lose it! or you're gonna have to find your own way back. This page here includes literally anything i want, i mean literally, links, funny videos, music, literally damn anything!! it wont be so organized, just whatever the hell i want however the hell i want.

btw do not learn from this site with inspect this site is made with absolute schizo code, im not a professional whatsoever. literally most pages here use the style and script tag and not a separate stylesheet or js file because i cant be bothered to do that. maybe later i will.. but this works so i dont care go ahead cry about it!!!!

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sick song of the week (every sunday [i lied, its irregular now])

shrines!! (started work on ultrakill. finished startup)

cool links!!


move us!!

im underweight damnit


this site entirely is under big construction!!!!! i am very much not done with it!!!!

follow me on twitter ill say when its done there for sure.