hey! you found my stinky little about me, crazy! ok i wouldn't actually consider this an about me, this is more of like my little corner filled with posters, comics, and a sick bean bag, but whatever. you'll get to know the kind of person i am with whatever i have here so good enough. just try to come to a conclusion about the kind of person i am instead of me directly telling you i guess.

i go by awababa online and im just a guy who doodles women just because. i post whatever im happy with making in my twitter media tab, check it if you really wanna, your navmote should have it too. i made this site to half store whatever online presence i have on it and also half just because. this page here contains whatever the hell about me that i think is perfectly fine to share with strangers around the world, so venture around i guess. have some questions i felt like should be answered. may be updated with more later idk.

btw any images or whatever that seem like they should have color most likely do. hover over it to see it without filter.

how long have you been using html/css/javascript??

as of 10/17/22, like 2 or 3 weeks. like about nothing lol, most of this site was me being weird, using w3schools, and quickly learning things, which is why my site has the 'schizocode' tag on neocities. for some reason im a quick learner, most of the time at least.. maybe...

why is your art mostly no color??

originally it was because i couldn't color, then i shifted it to giving me an excuse to not figure out how to color. now i dunno. ill color what i like.

why awababa?? brain fart??

yes. pretty much yes. I had to change my discord username to get into a vtuber discord server. its really funny because i left a few days after when it turned into a partnered server, partnered anything sucks. of course i joined a completely different server and the name kinda just stuck i guess.

why .win??

also it was like 2 dollar fifty first year and renews at 4 dollar fifty thats a steal.

funny cat????????