christmas sale ends on january 29th 1/29/23 (update 1/31/23: the snowflakes were never there wdym)
christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!! 12/7/22
i did not work on this for like 2 or 3 weeks!!! song of the week is wrong but im updating it tomorrow as planned. yippee!! time to finish my bs i guess.. (update 11/28/22: i forgor) (update 12/1/22: i forgor again its there now) 11/26/22
oh zamnn forgot the song of the week.. oops. well ultrakill is still making good progress. it will be very much informational. the startup should be a little more viewable on smaller screens. it might be mobile compatible idfk didnt test. 10/27/22
another status update. im kinda spending way too long on the ultrakill shrine but it's turning out good! at least i think good. so expect it some day. 10/18/22
finished pretty much what i need for my about me. will update it with more stuff over time. although its more of a little corner, but still. you can access it by clicking 025 workin on the puter right above this updates tab. next is ultrakill. then finally characters. should've worked on that one eons ago. 10/18/22
more of a status update. started the about me... kind of.. and scrapped original idea of the ultrakill shrine. it will no longer have a recording. 10/15/22
i lied. the hit counter is back. this time it uses neocities api so it shows my pure hits, including my constant saving and rechecking.. oops. also ignore the bottom one, that one isnt really correct and is there for someone who kinda maybe ish wanted it. also added an email button. send me LITERALLY anything you want 10/13/22
the homepage layout has completely changed. i was really not content with the last one. if you really missed it that bad, here 10/9/22
the site now has a different starting page!! because chromium users need to rethink their browser choice!! also the site is now more mobile compatible. still ass, not that great looking on it, but a bit better than before. enter from the new starting page on your phone to see it! also deciding to wipe the guestbook when the site is finished 10/5/22
the midi files have disappeared and trusty mp3 files have taken their place. see the homepage's quick note if it does not play (quick note has changed, go to the new starting page for it) 10/4/22
fully finished the garden!!! at least for the time being, ill update it with more pots later when i find the time to. also im removing the hit counter go ahead go ahead cry do it cry. itll come back when the site is actually finished 10/3/22
started work on the garden 10/2/22
finally added the update side bar (i think) and a degree of layout for the homepage 10/1/22